• Karen Cummings is an artist whose appreciation for every-day beauty is expressed in her creative work.  The process of painting helps her to focus on the richness that surrounds us every day, but easily goes unnoticed in the midst of our hectic lives.  As Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.”

 Although she has not pursued a formal art education, Karen has had the privilege of learning from accomplished artists in the area.  A dormant love for drawing and painting was first revived by working with Jennings Massingill from Niskayuna.

 Karen became more serious about her painting after taking a workshop on Monhegan Island  with the respected teacher W. Ralph Murray.  The spectacular location, a magnet for many famous artists, and the plein-air instruction helped develop her skill with a paintbrush.  There she learned to see the nuances of light and shadow, color and perspective.

 Since then she has studied in the capital district with teachers Elizabeth Apgar-Smith and Joan Lord. 

 Today, Karen works from her home in Glenville, New York or at The Katbird Shop in downtown, where her art is on display and available for sale.  Karen loves to paint in the shop regularly where she can interact directly with customers and other artisans that sell their work there. 

She has displayed her art widely in the area, including solo shows in many venues.  She has won awards in the Jericho Fine Arts show in Bainbridge, NY, the Rexford art show  and contests sponsored by the Schenectady Art Society.

 Karen’s goal in painting is to honor the Creator with appreciation for the world He designed.  Painting on location would always be her first choice, but she also uses photographs to help complete her landscape, animal portraits and still-life paintings.  Although shortcuts are widely available, she does all her drawings by hand and uses only traditional painting techniques.


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